The New Apple TV and Concole Games

This post is a response to the following article.

The new apple T.V. is an impressive piece of hardware. Like most Apple products, the material design will be great, the software will work well, and the overall experience will look perfect.

My argument is not that the Apple TV is bad, or even that it won't do well. It is that the the Apple TV will not succeed as a gaming console. Furthermore, I have read several articles, like the one quoted above, that try to relate the Apple TV to the Xbox One or PS4. Let me be clear, there may be a decent amount of games that are made for the Apple TV, but the profit will not amount to much.

The reason that I say this is because the TV gaming market is very different from the mobile gaming market. Some could see the TV mobilish gaming market as untapped. I think this thought is short sided. The reason mobile games are huge is that people use them as fillers in between their daily activities. Console games are different, gamers play console games to consume art. Whether they know it or not, console gamers need a deeper experience.

This is the main reason that the Apple TV will not break into the console gaming industry. It's the same reason that Ouya did not break into the console market. We have extremely high standards. I would say unreasonably high standards. We expect a level of art that the Apple TV can not physically deliver.

To say that the Apple TV is in any way a competitor to the Xbox One or PS4 is a short sided reaction to a great press conference. Apple may succeed, but it won't be in the console gaming market. That ship sailed when they failed to sign Bungie with Halo.