Just Some Ranting

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an interesting beast. I'll have some better thoughts on it in a later post but I had to give an example of what we dealt with on a daily basis. I get to play over my lunch hour so the following is description of the lunch playing experience we had on January 5, 2015.

We got off to a good start today when all three of our XBones connected on the first try, which is a rare feet. We then got to play a game of capture the flag! We could all hear the other team in our headsets but we are gentelmen and try not to listen too intently. Unfortunately the game can rarely remember our settings for game types so our one flag game only had two rounds instead of four. Oh well lets just fix the settings and start another game. Another player jumps in so its time to change teams. Thats easy, just press X, then navigate to your player, press A, navigate to change teams, press A, choose your new color, press A. If you were searching for the most ridiculous may to change teams, you found it!

We then start the game in hopes that everyone is ok with the teams, because our mics aren't working again. Game starts, and the first player on our box can't move. Try turning off the controller then back on, no luck. Ok I guess we can end the game and start over again. Oh wait, the only person who can end the game without the whole party disbanding is, you guessed it, the first player, who's controller was not working. Now we have no choice but to leave the game, the party will disband but we all got together without trouble earlier so hopefully it won't be too bad.

Fast forward through ten minutes of session time outs and restarting XBone's and we finally have the whole crew back again. We started a two flag game on Coagulation which we even got to finish. Then a thought hits us. This is MCC, we can quickly switch over to Halo 3? We switch on over, make new teams, start the game, and we are all ready for some 5 vs 5 action. Oops, it looks like Halo decided the teams weren't fair and things would be better if it were 4 vs 6. This won't work so we end the game a go back to the lobby. Oh come on! Where are the other guys? Halo kicked us all out into separate parties. Finally get some of the players back and lunch is almost over so lets play a quick 3 vs 3 game. Oops, Halo 3 thought 5 vs 1 was more fair, lets try Halo 2 again. No problem setting up this game except that when it started we couldn't hear one of the players from the other XBone, at this point, who gives a BLAM!